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Adventures on a rickshaw – my travels through north India

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For over a decade I have been fascinated with India. Perhaps it stems from the childhood curiosity with a Hindu friend’sreligion. At sleepovers, I’d spot a little shrine in her house. At its centre was the sculpture of a many-limbed man, often adorned with colourful flowers. The smell of incense from the shrine wafting through the house and overpowering even the ever-present aromas of cardamom, chilli and cloves.

Or perhaps, much closer to adulthood, it was the close friendship I struck up with an Indian girl who looked more east than south Asian, making me aware for the first time of the wildly different cultural, ethnic and religious groups all housed under India’s flag. We spoke of the great railway links that criss-crossed the country and how together one day we ought to travel those ancient tracks. Well that day finally came. My old friend was getting married and I, needing no better excuse, booked my ticket to India. It would have been pointless to go that far and not take the opportunity to travel so I took two weeks off to discover northern India before catching a flight and making the nauseating road trip to the scarcely visited but beautiful Shillong for the wedding. Read the rest of this entry »


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August 31, 2011 at 11:52 pm

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